It's simple. Ticket holders unable to attend an event can donate tickets to MVK in a matter of minutes by logging on to our website. Tickets can be submitted after completing a one-time registration providing a donor password. All ticket donors are automatically issued a receipt for their tax deductible donation.

The MVK website also serves as a location for qualified, non-profit organizations to receive donated tickets.   All non-profit agencies must be tax-exempt agencies that benefit underserved kids ages 18 and under.   All of our recipient agencies are pre-screened prior to being accepted into our program. 

Once approved, our non-profit recipient agencies select a password in the same manner as ticket donors, providing them with the opportunity to receive donated tickets. Once the ticket information is compiled in the MVK database, tickets are picked up from the donor and delivered to the recipient agency.


Cincinnati Pops Orchestra provided several young kids with the opportunity to learn about music through the Lollipop Family Concert: Carnival of Animals! There is nothing like taking your best stuffed animal to a morning concert at beautiful Music Hall! Thanks Pops!