Each month, partner agencies are asking to submit nominees from their organization for the Most Valuable Kid of the Month.  Each winner has shown outstanding social and academic progress, which parallels the core mission of MVK. Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

January 2015

Agency: UNIQUE Learning Center

Reward: 3 tickets to a Wizards game w/ food vouchers.

These two brothers lost their mother two years ago to an unexplained illness and now live with their aunt who is married with two children of her own. The boys went through a very difficult time and have struggled emotionally, academically and socially as they adjust to their loss. Delonte (16) in particular has had a lack of focus in school and is often disengaged when he does attend the center. However, in December he started coming every day to get homework done and receive help with math. At the end of January and he had brought two subjects from D's to C's. Dontrell (12) has worked diligently to bring up his grades and maintain them. He attends school daily, completes his homework and also participates in the Book Club which involves additional reading and work outside of the classroom requirement. He has maintained a B average.
Donor: Nene Hilario + MVK

February 2015

Agency: DC Inner City Excellence

Reward: 4 lower level tickets with food to the Wizards game vs. the Pacers on March 25, as well as two bobblehead dolls and Wizards drawstring bags.

In February Zachary completed his 25th straight day of attendance - a perfect record - in his 6:30 AM Saturday speed skating program at Fort Dupont Ice Arena in Anacostia, something no child has ever done in the 10-year history of the program. Big brother Lovell, volunteered his time at the same event, graduating to the role of 'official.’
Donor: Mori Diane