Each month, partner agencies are asked to submit nominees from their organization for the Most Valuable Kid of the Month.  Each winner has shown outstanding social and academic progress, which parallels the core mission of MVK. Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

January 2015

Agency: UNIQUE Learning Center

Reward: 3 tickets to a Wizards game w/ food vouchers.

These two brothers lost their mother two years ago to an unexplained illness and now live with their aunt who is married with two children of her own. The boys went through a very difficult time and have struggled emotionally, academically and socially as they adjust to their loss. Delonte (16) in particular has had a lack of focus in school and is often disengaged when he does attend the center. However, in December he started coming every day to get homework done and receive help with math. At the end of January and he had brought two subjects from D's to C's. Dontrell (12) has worked diligently to bring up his grades and maintain them. He attends school daily, completes his homework and also participates in the Book Club which involves additional reading and work outside of the classroom requirement. He has maintained a B average.
Donor: Nene Hilario + MVK

February 2015

Agency: DC Inner City Excellence

Reward: 4 lower level tickets with food to the Wizards game vs. the Pacers on March 25, as well as two bobblehead dolls and Wizards drawstring bags.

In February Zachary (10) completed his 25th straight day of attendance - a perfect record - in his 6:30 AM Saturday speed skating program at Fort Dupont Ice Arena in Anacostia, something no child has ever done in the 10-year history of the program. Big brother Lovell (12), volunteered his time at the same event, graduating to the role of 'official.’
Donor: Mori Diane

March 2015

Agency: Communities in Schools of the Nation’s Capital

Rewards: Ceion and his uncle were sent to the final Wizards home game on Sunday, April 12, 2015 and received lower level tickets, $25 food vouchers, and 1 t-shirt.

In March, Ceion only missed one day of school, which is a grand improvement, as Ceion has improved his attendance by 40% this school year. In the beginning of the year, Ceion was struggling behaviorally, and had issues staying in his classroom setting. In the month of March, he had no referrals to the dean of students, and his teachers report they have noticed a great difference in his attitude towards his teachers, school work, and peers. Ceion has improved both his reading and his math skills over the course of this school year. Ceion is an active participant in Moten's soccer team, and is currently completing a service learning assignment where he is raising money and awareness of childhood Leukemia to support the Leukemia Society.
Donor: Roz Gonzalez

April and May 2015

Agency:  Black Student Fund

Reward: 3 tickets each to Nationals vs. Cubs on June 6, 2015. Lower Level Seats and Pre-game meet and greet with MLB Umpires

 Jabari (9) is a third grade student from Olney, Maryland.  Jabari enjoys sports, and during the 2015 school year, he has shown great improvement socially and academically. His teachers have taken notice of his confidence and progress throughout the year.  Curtis (7) is a leader who loves school. He is excited for the opportunity to learn something new whenever possible and finished out his first grade year at the top of his class.  To reward Jabari and Curtis for their achievements and success in May and June, MVK selected them to attend the Nationals game vs. the Cubs on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Each of them were able to meet the Umpires of the game beforehand via the Umps Care program and sat in the lower level for the game. We received positive feedback from the chaperones/parents.

June and July 2015

Agency: Hope and a Home

Reward: Tickets to the Players Club at a Mystics game

Jayson is 11 years old and is going to the 5th grade this fall. Jayson has had significant school issues because of his learning disabilities. He has also had difficulty getting to school on time, so he would miss out on a lot of instruction. This year, he transferred to a school that was closer to where he lived, which makes it possible for him to be at school every day on time. He is also working hard at improving his reading and math ability, and is making good progress catching up to his grade level. Jayson is also showing emotional maturity. At first he had difficulty taking responsibility for his actions and would often lie about things that happened. He is understanding the importance of taking responsibility for his actions when he is wrong, and learning how to interact with peers and adults in an appropriate way. Jayson still has room to grow both academically and socially, but he has made great gains to be a successful student.

Jeremiah (15) is Jayson’s brother. Jeremiah is devoted himself to making sure that Jayson becomes a success. He works as Jayson’s personal tutor. Before starting his homework Jeremiah always makes sure that Jayson has a clear understanding of his homework. Mom says that the first thing Jeremiah does when Jayson walks in the door is to greet him with a big hug, and then they are off to the races: It’s snack time and then homework time. Jeremiah holds a firm 3.7 gpa. We are very proud of Jeremiah and his firm commitment to his younger brother. Jeremiah often says that Jayson will be President one day, and Jayson says that Jeremiah is his “HERO BIG BRO”.

August 2015

Agency: Fairfax County Department of Family Services

Reward: Nationals game on Friday, August 21.

The Kid of the Month for August was a 17 year old from the Fairfax County Department of Family Services. She has gone through the county’s program and successfully obtained her first job. She has struggled socially and sees this as a big accomplishment to interact with strangers and handle money. Her agency reports that she is striving for and achieving many early adult milestones. She is moving towards and becoming independent and successful. This young lady and her mentor were treated to a Nationals game on Friday, August 21.

October 2015

Agency: Hope and a Home

Reward: 18 suite tickets to the Capitals game vs. the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday, October 17

Jeremiah and his family came to Hope and a Home 5 years ago. The family was struggling to make ends meet and was living with 6 people in a one-bedroom apartment. Jeremiah is a senior at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School and his dream is be the first in his family to attend college, for engineering no less. To describe Jeremiah, I want to tell you a simple story: While driving a group of children to an event I heard several kids talking to Jeremiah about what it would be like to go to high school, since he was going into 9th grade. They were telling him not to take the intensive classes, because it was easy to get good grades in the other classes without doing much work. To that advice, Jeremiah said, "Why would I do that? Why would I do that when I can take challenging courses and learn more and gain more knowledge?" That about sums it up for me with Jeremiah. He wants to do really well, but not at the cost of taking the easy way out. Jeremiah is a great student, yes, but he also has great character. He has great values and is willing to work hard to overcome all that life throws his way in order to achieve his dreams.
Donor: Karp Pagnato

November 2015

Agency: Community Preservation and Development Corporation at Southern Ridge

Reward: Tickets to the Redskins vs. Ravens game

Octavia (16) has developed into a wonderful, humble, smart young lady. She is now in the 10th grade at Ballou High school. Since being at the center, she has maintained her 4.0 GPA, since being in the center at middle school. She graduated from the Washington School for Girls. She graduated Valedictorian from Middle School. She has participated in the most valuable kids program with the center, attending, and baseball, basketball, and hockey games with the center. She has received the Presidential Volunteer Award for serving over 100 hours of volunteer work in her community center. She has also served as an after school helper, helping young people with reading and math.

December 2015

Agency: Hart Middle School

Reward: Tickets to the Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys game on December 7, 2015

Darryen (17) was the only 8th grader to receive all A’s the first quarter of the school year! He has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in the classroom. He encourages his peers to do the right thing. Darryen was a bullying victim last year and his behavior deteriorated greatly. He never uses his circumstances as an excuse (the family has been through hardships and at one point he had to stay in a shelter and then with relatives). This year he has turned it around and he truly deserves a reward for his improved behavior and academic progress.