Live sports and entertainment provide a positive source of inspiration for children in a world where there are many negative alternatives. Most Valuable Kids, Inc. (MVK) brings this inspiration to underserved children in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Areas. MVK does this by offering children's organizations access to professional and collegiate sports and entertainment events through an online ticket donation and reward system. MVK is also proud to work with non-profits that serve recuperating injured soldiers as well as active military and their families in the DC Metropolitan area.

MVK overcomes the financial obstacles associated with live events by distributing unused tickets to children that would enjoy the opportunity to go to an event, but would otherwise not be able to because of the high costs associated with tickets. These tickets are distributed to boys and girls, 18 and under, through the numerous organizations that focus on children in low-income and underserved households.

Thank you again for visiting Most Valuable Kids. We hope you get as much happiness out of your experience with MVK as we do watching the many smiles on children's faces while they watch their heroes score the final touchdown, slide into home base, or sing the spectacular finale.

Daryle and Beth Bobb

Founders, Most Valuable Kids


Over $6 million worth of event tickets have been donated to MVKDC since our inception in 2003!