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Please Note: we require 48 hours notice on a donation before game time. For example, a donation for a 7 pm game on Wednesday needs to be made by 7 pm on Monday. Donations for events on a Saturday or Sunday must be made by 3 pm on the Thursday before. Donations for an event on Monday must be made by 12 pm on the Friday before. Thank you for your understanding.

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If the event you are donating tickets for is a week away, and you would like to mail the tickets to us; please note in the ticket pick-up instructions box that you are mailing the tickets and send the tickets to:

Most Valuable Kids
285 West Wieuca Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

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The event date must be tomorrow at the earliest to enable MVK to find a recipient organization and arrange for tickets to be delivered.
If it is currently before 12 pm, and you are donating tickets for an event that occurs today, please call MVK at 404-285-5032 for assistance, and we will try to accommodate your donation.
We can not accept same day donations after 12 pm. Thank you.


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For example: 8 tickets donated * $75 face value per ticket = $600 total donation value.

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