The B-Cause Team of Burke, Inc. selected MVK as one of their charities to support in 2014.  This partnership has provided MVK with both in-kind support as well as a financial sponsorship throughout the year. 

Each month, a Burke rep works with MVK to select a unique opportunity to use as a reward/incentive for 1-2 families.  These ticket opportunities are activities MVK may otherwise not be able to offer to underserved kids in the community.  Kids are nominated through our recipient agencies to receive this award.  Once the kids are selected, they will receive tickets to an event, a t-shirt, a certificate and a gift card to a local restaurant. 

The B-Cause You Deserve It Award gives us the opportunity to recognize extraordinary kids who work through adversity and overcome daily obstacles.

Kids from Rockdale Academy and Corryville Recreation Center, taking a break at the neighborhood firehouse after making gifts for their mother’s at the Mother’s Day Event.